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Is Your Current Enterprise Architecture Platform a Dinosaur? 

Successful project delivery will always be negatively impacted by poor-quality data, which many organisations pay the price for. You can’t get accurate and actionable data if your enterprise architecture platform is delivering content that is out of date as soon as it’s developed.Many enterprise architecture platforms of today are still archaic dinosaurs of the 1980s, using boxes and lines to pull enterprise data. How can an agile organisation make accurate, real-time decisions when its data is out of date as soon as it’s delivered?

Insights for Success: Data-Driven Decision-Making

Imagine data-driven enterprise mapping.Imagine knowing in an instant how your organisation is linked through systems, processes, people, and customers. This sort of visibility is the cornerstone of best-practice enterprise architecture. Your data needs to be accurate and up to date if you want to make good-quality decisions. Conducting a Business Impact Analysis to assess change impact before you spend a dime relies on good quality data. Good quality data can only be derived from data-driven EA platforms that run in a real-time ecosystem.As the old adage goes: “Garbage in – garbage out”. If you do not have accurate, good-quality data at your fingertips, your decisions will also be garbage. And that could cost you millions in lost reputation and ICT investment.

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