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enterprise architecture for the enterprise

empowering you as the architect of your data

data-driven enterprise architecture

Our unique data-driven, AI enabled SaaS delivers enterprise architecture for the enterprise by transforming traditional EA complexity into a straightforward business led approach. We eliminate EA jargon, eliminate enteprise wide blindspots, improve data quality and accessibility, while empowering business as the Architects their data. Planning for transformation has never been more efficient and effective.

reducing time, cost, & complexity of ea

Say goodbye to the complexity, time, and costs of traditional Enterprise Architecture methods and embrace the future of architecture creation. Our cybernated Orgarchitect SaaS completely automates the mapping of enterprise entities, identifying key relationships, and connecting interdependencies to tell a clear and concise story that everyone will understand.

Our AI Inference Engine enables you to be The Architect of your enterprise. Our data-driven, AI SaaS maps all of your enterprise entities, identifies relationships, connects dependencies, and tells stories that everyone understands.

No lines, no boxes, and no guessing – just a data driven business, always on and always available. Orgarchitect’s AI-assisted Inference Engine does all of the mapping work behind the scenes without the need for lines and boxes. 

Orgarchitect enables Architects to build their EA model once and keep it maintained through an always-on, real-time enterprise ecosystem that facilitates access to a vast array of real-time data and insights.

Orgarchitect’s EA data is set up to enable teams to create and simulate different business scenarios, enabling them to test various strategies to identify potential risks and opportunities with greater ease, confidence, and precision.

Orgarchitect puts critical business information right at your fingertips. Without EA jargon or technical terminology, Orgarchitect ensures all of your data is in one place and does away with silos or disparate information sources. Collaborate, report, edit, and update all within one system. As we said “enterprise architecture for the enterprise” – that’s you!

Orgarchitect can gather and analyze data from various sources, including existing systems and databases, to build a comprehensive and up-to-date representation of a business’s enterprise architecture. This not only provides a single source of truth, but it means that all of those other pieces of informal or manual data are always available.

what people are saying......

Tom Graves Tetradian - enterprise ARchitecture Australia
Orgarchitect is the first enterprise-architecture toolset that I have
seen that is specifically designed to tackle the issues that whole-enterprise
architecture will most need to address....full aPP Review
Tom Graves, Principal Architect
Enterprise Architecture for the Enterprise | Orgarchitecture
ORGArchitect Versus Other EA solutions

When we say we're different, we mean it.

Data like you've never known

We're turning Enterprise Architecture on its head

  • Enterprise Architecture for the Enterprise not just the Architects. 
  • Connecting business top-down and bottom-up.
  • Decentralised data eliminates silos and information is easily shared.
  • Democratised data means data is accessible to everyone.  
  • API first integration, CSV upload, or manual input.
  • You know your business better than any EA. Your expertise, your data.
the cost of bad-quality data

According to IBM, in the USA alone, businesses lose $3.1 Trillion annually due to bad or poor-quality data.

Erroneous decisions made from bad data are not only extremely costly but business reputations are impacted.

According to Gartner, the average financial impact of bad data on organisations is USD$9.7 million per year.

Up to 80% of analysts' time is wasted wading through poor-quality data to compare and correlate it with other data.

easy enterprise architecture for the enterprise

decentalized data
Enterprise mapping

 AI data-driven approach to mapping your organization without the need for boxes or lines.

Business Impact Analysis SaaS | Orgarchitect
Business impact analysis

Instantly run change scenarios to identify key areas for business impact, collaboration, and project inclusion.

End to end visibility across the enteprise right down through to your external value chain | Orgarchitect
end to end visibility

Our AI-assisted Inference Engine ensures visibility of all entities and relationships across your enterprise and value chain.

decentalized data
enterprise Architecture

 Empowering the Enterprise to be the Architects of their data. No EA jargon, no waiting for IT and it's real-time data.

 “Stop blaming the Software , Corporate Profiling for IT Project Success”

Sarah Jane Runge - Stop Blaming the SoftwareA must read for from CEOs down on how to prevent IT project disasters in their organizations.
Runge’s common sense business-oriented approach demystifies and clarifies how corporate profiling can ensure the success of your next IT project.

Mainfreight has specialized in taking over businesses in distress, and time and again I have witnessed how poor IT systems purchases and implementations helped bring them to their knees. Had the principles and practices espoused in “Stop Blaming the Software” been heeded before embarking on their IT projects, I am certain they would not have been up for sale.

This books sets a pathway that will enable you to ensure your IT project investments deliver to your expectations.

 Kevin Drinkwater, CIO, Mainfreight

“Stop Blaming The Software
Corporate Profiling For IT Project Success”

Sarah Jane Runge - Stop Blaming the SoftwareSuperb reading! Corporate Profiling reduces project risk to ensure you don’t become the next scapegoat for an IT project failure.

All business professionals will benefit from “Stop Blaming the Software” by following the core principles of corporate profiling.

With Runge’s insightful, actionable and brilliantly explained breakthrough methodology, I was delighted to discover why and how the all important topic of IT project failures needs to be managed from a business perspective.

Robert K. O’Connor, Senior Manager, Strategic Programs, Corporate Supply Chain Operations

Tom Graves Tetradian - enterprise ARchitecture AustraliaOrgarchitect is the first enterprise-architecture toolset that I have seen that is specifically designed to tackle the issues that a whole-enterprise architecture will most need to address. These include the links between strategy and execution; the relationships between all elements of the architecture and the respective business-owners of those elements, the balance between automated and both formal and informal people-based processes; the full set of stakeholders for a given change-project, both inside and beyond the organisation; and the probable participants and their respective responsibilities who would needed to be engaged in any architecture conversation. Even in its current beta-release form, it would seem to already be useful in many organisations, to address high-level concerns about how everything would best work together across the entire enterprise.

Disclaimer: The above notes were derived from conversations with the developers, and a demonstration of an early beta version of the toolset.  I have no formal business-relationship with Orgarchitecture.
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