you're the architect of your enterprise

data driven enterprise architecture

Through our unique data driven inference engine, ORGArchitect transforms the way organizations approach enterprise architecture through a business centric approach that eliminates techno jargon, improves data quality and accessibility. With a new level of simplicity, planning for transformation has never been more efficient and effective. Forget the lines and boxes, think Data!

reducing time, cost & complexity of ea

Say goodbye to the complexity, time, and costs of traditional EA methods and embrace the future of architecture creation, where you're "The Architect of your Enterprise Data." Our cybernated ORGArchitect technology completely automates the mapping of enterprise entities, identifying key relationships, and connecting interdependencies to tell a clear and concise story that everyone will understand.

Our AI Inference Engine enables you to be The Architecture of your enteprise. Our data driven, AI ORGArchitect uses our “Secret Sauce” to map all of your enterprise entities, identify the relationships, connect dependencies and tells the stories so everyone understands, and teams can plan.

No lines, no boxes, and no guessing – just a data driven business, always on, always available.

Our cybernated inference engine does all of the mapping work behind the scenes without the need for lines and boxes.

ORGArchitect enables Architects to build the EA model once, which is then maintained by an always on, real-time enterprise ecosystem allowing access to a vast array of real-time data and insights.

The way our EA data is setup easily enables teams to create and simulate different scenarios, enabling them to test various strategies to identify potential risks and opportunities with greater ease, confidence and precision.

Access to critical business information at your fingertips.

No EA jargon, no technical terminology, just good old business speak.

Your data that you own, all in one place – no Silos or disparate information sources. Collaborate, report, edit and update all within one system.

Information can be input into the system however you want. One of the key features of our app is its ability to gather and analyze data from various sources, including existing systems and databases, to build a comprehensive and up-to-date representation of a business’s enterprise architecture. This not only provides a single source of truth, but it means that all of those other pieces of informal or manual data is also available.

what people are saying......

Tom Graves Tetradian - enterprise ARchitecture Australia
ORGArchitect is the first enterprise-architecture toolset that I have
seen that is specifically designed to tackle the issues that a whole-enterprise
architecture will most need to address....full aPP Review
Tom Graves, Principal Architect
ORGArchitect Versus Other EA solutions

When we say we're different, we mean it.

Take a look at  how we're different.

Data like you've never known

We're turning EA on its head which means:

  • Architecture for the business and people, not just the Architects. 
  • Connecting business top down and bottom up through cybernation.
  • Decentralized data eliminates silos and  information is easily shared.
  • Deomcratized data means data is accessible to everyone.  
  • Realtime - you change it, you can see it (versioning rollback).
  • API first integration, excel upload or manual input.
  • Your business, your data.
the cost of bad quality data

In the USA alone, IBM found that businesses lose $3.1 Trillion annually due to bad or poor-quality data.

Erroneous decisions made from bad data are not only extremely costly to businesses, but their reputations are impacted.

According to Gartner  the average financial impact of bad data on organiations is USD$9.7 million per year.

Up to 80% of Analysts time is wasted wading through poor quality data to compare and correlate to other data sources.

key features for empowering teams

decentalized data
organizational mapping

 AI data driven approach to mapping your organization without the need for boxes, lines or IT experts.

impact scenarios

Instantly run change scenarios to identify key areas for impact, collaboration & project inclusion.

end to end visibility

Our cybernated inference engine creates visibility of all entities and relationships across your enterprise and value chain.

decentalized data
enterprise Architecture

 Enterprise Architecture for the business without the EA jargon, without the delays and without the errors.

think quality data. get the facts. build scenarios. share plans

Five Tell tale signs that you need change

  1. “Bad data or poor quality data” is impacting your business profitability and decision making.
  2. Your business is still using  UML, boxes and lines to map your enterprise or business architecture? 
  3. Your projects are plagued with the wrong stakeholders, wrong requirements and constant delivery problems.
  4. Business teams are still not feeling empowered to drive their projects.
  5. Morale is low, information is slow, silo's are rampant and your expectation exceeds deliverables.

the impact of bad data on project failures

New Zealand's Annual Cost of ICT Project Failures - $NZ 5.7 Billion.
The UK Annual Cost of ICT Project Failures - £ 200 Billion.
USA Annual Cost of ICT Project Failures - $US 1.225 Trillion.
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